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Outsourcing Model

We at Aark Infosoft offer various outsourcing models to govern the client’s utility and bifurcate work. we have flexible hiring models, select the one which meet your budget. We assure you uncompromising quality. The models represented by us are:

Fixed Rate Outsourcing Model

We engage our resources with client for stipulated frame of work as discussed previously. Everything including package, target achievement, phase distribution of work and time for deliverance for project is fixed. Advantages of availing fixed cost model from us can prove beneficial to you as:

  • Effective for small and dedicated projects which are web app or mobile app related
  • Robust development idea focused stringently by us
  • Timely completion of project as decided before its start-up
  • Affordable prices
  • Experienced team of professionals working on your project

Hire Dedicated Developers

Creating a diversified work area, we provide skilled professionals dedicated for a particular work as per the client requirements to accomplish the project. The model best suits the client who has simultaneous working on multiple projects. Fortified advantages of this model are:

  • A team of expert developers from start till end of your project
  • Hassle free communication between client and developers
  • Price distribution according to monthly, days and hourly basis
  • Perfect model to commence a multilevel project

Time and Material Model

The model is best suited for the clients who have diversified and flexible demand of skilled professionals. This model is perfect for scrutinized application development for Mobile or Web. Advantages of this model are:

  • Flexibility in time and resource usability
  • Addition or removal of manpower can be made allowing flexibility in payment module as well.
  • Charges according to utility of time and materials

Offshore Development Center

If the requirements of the clients keep changing with time, this model is the best suited for customized development of the project work. Service providers hire a special team for this work to guarantee smooth development process. Experienced professionals are hired to give outright quality solutions for the project.

We at Aark Infosoft, offer all these services along with assurance to justify your project credentials. Robust and scalable techniques are deployed by our professionals to accomplish your project work.

We at Aark Infosoft, have very good expertise to manage various size of ODC like 5 Resources to 250+ Resources with different skill sets and technology under one roof.

Advantages with Aark as Extended Arm

The advantages that overseas companies get by lending their projects to us signify the quality of work we perceive during our project competence.

Availability of Skilled Professionals

At Aark Infosoft, we possess a skilled set of highly experienced professionals that can fulfill your outsourcing needs. The coding and programming skills as well as project innovations are qualities in which our teams are well-versed.

Seizing The Cost Factor

The main factor behind outsourcing large projects to us will be reduction in overall project cost by a sizable amount. This helps our clients to invest more on other aspects of business.

No Investment on Setups

Creating a large setup for developing IT projects cannot be suitable for small scale development projects. We govern client’s idea and make them effective without setup as it is already available with us.

It is found out globally that off shore mobile and web application development cost gets reduced by 40-60% in India. So this trend is continued and getting over whelming response all over.

We are amongst the leading outsourcing companies in India having partners in US, UK, UAE, Canada and other parts of the world.

Multiple Technology Expertise

We at Aark Infosoft, have Multiple Technologies expertise and experience resources available at click option to work for our client. We have ready to work mode resources for various technologies as.

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