Non Banking Finance Company


Non Banking Finance Company

Non Banking Finance Companies (NBFCs) need to enhance their ability to perform as smooth and secure business operations. Where to be client centric and keeping updated records with RBI and CIBIL are the challenges too. It is also to be focused on reducing risks and operational costs.

  • Get 75% reducing on duplicate data input.
  • Faster Inter branch communication and documentation increase speed to business decision.
  • Innovative Technology models and business decision support services resulting to revenue growth.
  • Improved operating and enhanced performance leads Business effectiveness.
  • Up to 25-60% improvement in efficiency.

Industy Challenges
  • Client KYC records collection and keeping.
  • Execute business functions and consistent improve towards efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Technology application to increase straight through processing.
  • Scale the domain expertise pool available.

  • Aark extensive experience with one of the leading NBFC has helped it develop in-depth domain expertise across all NBFC products.
  • Our capabilities span all customer centric and process automation products such as Loan Application Process, KYC, Due Diligence, Loan Process, Collections, Accounting, Recovery, Trade Services and Cash Management.
  • Our services span the entire lifecycle of these products and include integrated solution with Biometric, Smart Card and Mobile App Modules.
  • Our After sales support team is always available to provide support on all operational needs to client in terms of training and trouble shooting.

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