The Laboratory Management module automates the investigation request and the process involved in delivering the results to the concerned department/doctor of the hospital. The laboratory module starts with receiving the online request from doctors and also allows laboratory personnel to generate requests. The Laboratory module supports performing various tests under the following disciplines.

Biochemistry, Cytology, Haematology, Microbiology, Serology, Neurology, and Radiology. Tests are grouped under various sections and sample types (specimen). Based on the request the user can input the sample and generate it. Now you will think your work here is done but no it's not. Now the work which hospitals have to do is one of the main reasons why we actually made this complete software. The hospitals are needed to keep a complete record of inventory management, HR management, Employee task, Admin control, etc.

Results can be entered based on the sample type either to one test or multiple tests. If the test result requires approval, the supervisor has to approve the result and it is made available to the concerned doctors. The lab module handles requests for various tests and makes the results available after verification. Reports can also be prepared.

·         Sample Result Entry

·         Test Report Entry

·        Specimen Association Details

·         Antibiotic Details

·         Result Range for Test

·         Investigation Request

·         Bulk Sample Request

·         Sample Details

·         Samples Received from External Laboratory

·         Samples Dispatch to External Reference Laboratory

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