AIPL ERP software gives your sales team unprecedented visibility into every aspect of the customer relationship, including support cases and back-office information such as contracts and inventory. With real-time dashboards, sales reps and managers gain better insight to sell, drive renewals, and properly set customer expectations.

AIPL SFA is a multi-platform software that provides you the convenience to work from a web browser and at the same time, your sales team can access their part from their mobile devices. With SFA you can track your salesperson's visit and location.


Opportunity Management

Boost Sales Productivity

Sales Forecasting

Quote and Order Management

Improve Customer Relationships

Central Data, ready to access

Target v/s Achievement

Auto Notifications

Industry Challenges

Daily Need of Repots from Sales Team

Assurance of visit by the sales team

Response time after lead generation

Sales Forecasting

Customer Relationship

Order Management

Manual process

Unorganized data

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