Node JS

Node JS is one of the most popular technologies for developing web apps for a variety of reasons like Speed, Ease, and Versatility. Based on JavaScript runtime, Node.js is an open-source, event-driven, and non-blocking I/O model which provides a highly scalable platform. By using Node JS you can easily build fast, scalable network applications and real-time web applications because it is able to handle more concurrent user requests easily. It eliminates the RAM boundaries and is fully capable of handling multiple client apps. Due to this and its I/O model the top brands like LinkedIn, Twitter, eBay, and others prefer Node JS development.

Advantages of Node JS

Speed, scalability

Better control over data due to Restful APIs

Strong presence in IoT, connected devices, and real-time web applications

Along with Angular JS, it delivers robust solutions for enterprises

High loads are not a problem

Community friendly and widely presented

What we offer

With the help of Node.js solutions, we help you to achieve your business goals. Our expert team of developers intelligently integrates JavaScript to develop and execute powerful applications. AIPL offers the below services:

Custom Node.js development

Content management app development

E-commerce app development

Node JS integration solutions

Node JS Mobile app services

Node JS social networking solutions

Node JS support and maintenance