A hybrid application is an application that is not only android bases or IOS based it is a website based too Our application can survive not only on prim but also on the cloud too.

Why a hybrid application?

The rate to develop a hybrid app is faster than that of a native app.

The code is written using web development technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, etc. as a result we get software that is compatible with IOS, Android, and web software.

The main advantage is a user can experience very close to native using UI elements that mimic native app behavior.

It has access to the smartphone's hardware APIs (camera, push notifications, geolocation, and others).

It is far more affordable than a native app.

It has a better UI/UX design

A browser is not required as opposed to a web app

We are now offering all kinds of hybrid applications as we know the use of the end-user. We never know when and where we would be needing to use this application so we have started using the hybrid applications ourselves. As all the data will be available so one would not hesitate in opening the application on a website too though he/she won't need a browser the do so.

We are offering hybrid applications in the fields of Hospitality, E-commerce, Advertisements, and many more.