While business runs with the manual process it may be affected by duplication of work, non-accuracy, slow or non-decision making, etc. To keep business on the top in this competitive edge we need to redefine workflow with automation for admin, finance, IT, marketing, to liberate all departments from the burden of manual processes. The clear objective is beginning and process evaluation shall be the final step of the workflow automation process.


Automation is meant to make things simpler, our research work had identified the complexity of the process and providing easy to use with friendly UI, informative reporting, and analysis.

Cloud Operability:

Our solutions are cloud-based, to make them easier to maintain and run than on-premise versions. We are offering easy accessibility, reliable security, and data scalability at almost no Capex investments.

Cross-System integration:

Our easy-to-operate inbuilt tools and APIs to migrate data from other existing applications. Also, have the option to adopt our migration services to make application full of loaded existing data by our tech support team.

Customizable Features:

We understand all businesses have their unique processes. We have the best of industry practices and user-friendly applications and are also capable to handle complex cases like conditional steps and multiple branches.

Reports and Analytics:

We have OKR and its measuring module to improve a process with reviewing it. We offer in-built reporting to monitor tasks, object results, examine lags, and make improvements.

Mobile Capabilities:

AIPL has the vision to connect all ‘devices, services, and people, our applications are compatible to work from any location and any device. From notifications to approvals, the tool works online and offline for people on the go.

Identify a Repetitive Process

The purpose of automation is not fully achieved until identification complexity and hurdles in a manual process, prepare gap analysis of the business process, and apply to automation step by step, compares the difference automation has made to the pre-existing processes, measured through reports and data analytics.

Design the Workflow

We design our implementation schedule for each department with systematic and strategic planning to make department process independently automated and also integrate with other department/modules as a whole process to reduce duplication work and repetitive process.

Define Goals & Train the Team

We start with keeping our goal to achieve thru automation in focus, increased ROI, faster time-to-market, increased team productivity, etc. Our implementation support team professionally articulate entire automation to reach client’s expectations from automation.

Measure KPIs and ROI

We keep continuing with the client on each step of operations to ensure fully achieved automation of business processes and measure difference it has made to the pre-existing processes, through reports and data analytics.